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Taj Mahal A Hindu Temple

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Like all conquerers Muslim plagiarised religious monuments for mosques and musoleums.That is a fact of history. The story behind Taj Mahal has been disputed. History of the world and India is disputed. History taught in Most Muslim countries is unlike the resat of the world. There being no democracy and minorities not having a voice. In democracies the Governments are cautious and accomodating. India in particular and the world at large has been shy of facts.Doubts have been raised about Taj Mahal.The only way to settle the dispute is to open sealed rooms and publicise the documents that are available in India. The snakes, the coconuts and the trishul.The unusual crescent and star?!Ther`are several thousand rooms in the complex.Why not open them?I may not believe in the rumours but why not do a thorough research.But the Indian Government would not have the guts nor the Muslim community in India have the grace to allow it.

Taj Mahal A Hindu Temple

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Taj Mahal A Hindu Temple

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