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sounds like a recipe for some really crappy homebrew. for example, without specifying what type of sugar to use, most people will then assume that common table sugar is okay, and without dissolving and boiling the sugar before combining with the beer, one can guarantee nasty tasting brew.

my guess is the original researcher has only brewed one or two batches in his/her life. maybe this entry should be written by an experienced homebrewer, who can cover various types of brewing styles and types of beer.


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This comes from a novice so take it with a grain of salt. I have only 'participated' in a few homebrewing sessions, but have done the weights and measures and selected ingredients and so forth. I tend to agree with the artphysicist. The sugar suggestion was spot on. and the part where you are told to follow said instuction on the recipe guide sounds like it was gloosed over.


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I'm not so inclined to throw out the original entry. Even if I disagree with the recipe, the work of writing it must count for something.

But still, the more sugar of any sort one puts in one's homebrew, the more said homebrew tastes like Zima or some other non-beerlike beverage. All malt for me, thanks.

And when I add the priming malt (in place of sugar), I add it to the whole mass, not the individual bottles. It comes out more even that way. One and one-quarter cup per 5 gallons will suffice.

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