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Interview for a Worker

'We should have noticed much sooner

All hold up our hands, I certainly will

Admit that we should have spotted the omens

That this candidate had exceptional skill

The superb CV. The outstanding reference

Was someone trying to send us a sign?

When we all sat down to dinner

And he turned our mineral water to wine

Interview day was very similar

And I felt somehow we weren't alone

Cloudless skies greeted his arrival

The whole day had a mystical tone.

A white dove hovered above him

As this guy toured the site

And was that an angel I heard singing

As he was illuminated by a beam of pure light

Superlative in 1:1 situations

Asked challenging questions throughout the day

State of the art technical knowledge

Said he was willing to work for no pay

Listened to the people he met here

The team here treated him like a god

Uses respect and empowerment

Rather than revert to the rod

International reputation for innovation

Modest, good humoured, didn't try to impress

Understated yet stylish and classy

Was the way I'd describe his dress.

Mesmerising drive and motivation

Coupled to exceptional leadership skill

Has succeeded countless times in adversity

Purely through the power of his will

In summary, several issues to mull over

He's not quite at our usual spec

Hiring might upset the balance of the department

It would require us to stick out our neck.

Yes, I know he also discovered the yeti

And I'm aware of his charity work in Sudan

And his well publicised success at SETI

But is he really a company man?

To see, let's offer a short term contract

Say three months, that sort of thing

Didn't he say he had several other offers?

Well, let's wait a month before we give him a ring.'

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