Love is...

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Love is...

What? Hormones? The joining of souls? Mutual disunattraction?

My soon to be ex was flinging the word "love" around the other

night like it was a flag of surrender.

I have spent fifteen years telling her what I thought love

was and how it applied to her.

Why do I keep getting the feeling that she wasn't listening?

I have been accused of being too sensitive.

Then I get inundated with tearful words about "feelings".

Beyond a certain point, "love" to me becomes a way of life,

while feelings are transitory.

I was told, "When we first got together, I didn't love you,

but I grew to. I think I still love you and always will."

Hmm. First time I've heard that sentence.

All I remember is the ten years of words about "can't stand being

in the same house", "learning to hate you", and the ever-popular

"I want a divorce".

I told her all those times that she calmed down and returned

the status to the quo, "You can cry 'wolf' all you want. When

I decide that I am going to do something, I will not cry 'wolf'.

I will be the wolf. I don't threaten. I do."

Of course, she thought that was the first time she'd heard


Fifteen years of forgetfulness.

I could live with that.

But being called liar when I reminded her of some things we

both had said...

Maybe I'm still being too sensitive. I'll have to learn to live

with that.

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