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Members and Titles

Founder - D586POETPAUL - King, Founder and Head Protector Of The Rest of the Week and Weekend

1 - THURSDAY - Vice Protector of the Rest of the Week

2 - Lil - Thingite ambassador to the Kindom of the Restites (Promoting Peace etc etc)

3 - DARK LISTENER-Honorary Protector of Sunday and Head of MI42 the Restite Secret Service

4 - SIR TCOBOBIGSTEVE - Honorary Protector of Friday and Knight

5 - SIR BLACK LEOPARD - Honorary Protector of Tuesday and Head Knight

6 - GENERAL TAMAIRE THE WALRUS - Honorary Protector of Monday and Restite Head Animal Keeper (General of the army of flying pigs)

7 - BENJAHV - Falconer/Halker and Head Groundskeeper

8 - LOSTBLINKS - Ambassador from the planet Troglodite

9 - STEERPIKE369 - Restite Alchemist and Restite Jester

10- SIR CAPTAIN LERUE - Knight and Head of the Restite Castle Guard


12 - LEVI PUMA - CAFC - Restite Grand Inquisitor of Thingites

13 - LADY ADMIRAL AYEKA - Restite Lighthouse Keeper

14 -KATKODL- Honorary Protector of Wednesday and Vice Protector of the Weekend


16 -DR MEGABITE- Restite Doctor and British Ambassador

17 -CRYSTAL_MOONWATERS- Honorary Protector of Saturday

Jobs/ Titles up for grabs

Category A

Honorary Protector of Jilember (The sacred Restite month)

Honorary Protector of Funday (Dimentional extra day 1)
Honorary Protector of Meyday (Dimentional extra day 2)
Honorary Protector of the restite festivals to the kings (December 5th, March 30th and September 2nd)

Category B
Knight 9 positions available

Restite Guard 3 Positions available

Restite Advisor 2 positions

Restite ambassador (Ambassadors for the restites travelling to different forums)

Restite Nurse

Category C
Restite trainee knight (1 trainee per Knight, Knights choose if they want a trainee and who the trainee will be, are more likely to be given knight hood after 12 positions are filled)

Restite Cook

Restite Animal keeper 2 Positions (Keepers of the Restite army of flying pigs)

Restite Groundskeeper (Under Benjahv's command)

Note: You cannot have two positions within the same Category (Except C where there are some exceptions)

Just ask for Titles in the converation below and you may get them. You may also suggest new title if relevant, you may get that.
It is also important to add that the Vice positions will not be given out as easily as the other positions.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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