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Weeee! An entry of mine got read!

smiley - smiley <--pic of me beaming... but still embarassed and blushing slightly from posting that last message twice by mistake. Sorry!

Check out my Riven entry, too, if you really want to... http://www.h2g2.com/A417052

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My friend (U142065 - [email protected]) likes Riven, but I think she's stuck. Would you help her?

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Yeliab {h2g2as}

HAY there everyone! interested in astronomy? follow the link now
You all seem like the astronomical type, so why not join the H2G2 Astronomica Society? It's great fun, well will be as I've only just set it up. You get your name in text and can use the page as a jumpgate to the rest of the astronomical sites on H2G2 and outside.

Chat about new discoveries or observations you've just made, find out about the latest space weather and auroral activity. Check out the current ET planet count, take part in cool activities, such as this one.

You can advertise your sites and things that you've found around the place. Just think of the fun.

Do join,

Nicholas Bailey

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Um, Okay, I'll drop her a line.

Astronomy Society

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Thanks for the link!

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