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I was a bit shy first of writing 'bout my own article, but I saw that many people around here do it that way.

So, A411076 is my first article. It's written in general text, but I think of it as written in good and informative style; so do me a favor and check it out. It's not too long.

A411076 - David Fincher

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Very interesting!
A few *minor* points:

1. Para. about 'Seven' - What award did Spacey win?

2. Para. about 'Fight Club' - ...never gets boring... - In your opinion! It made me yawn after half an hour.

3. Typo: Fight Club is the no-compromisES

Just nit-picking really. Enjoyable entry smiley - smiley


A411076 - David Fincher

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I'd agree that the paragraph on Fight Club is a bit long (?) and a little bit subjective (although, I'd have to say that it was riveting all through, no sleepy bits). Instead of telling us about the actors involved, how about giving us some plot... like how a group of men get back to their roots and experience pure pain, by beating each other senseless...

The novel's author is Chuck Palahniuk.

Probably what you want to do is write objectively and in the third person (leaving out all references to yourself, or 'I'). Maybe a bit more biographical info on Fincher?

A411076 - David Fincher

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Dr. Funk

Good entry, but I want more. Maybe a paragraph that talks about Fincher's style--because it's fairly unique among filmmakers today--his approach to making films, and how his style has developed from his commercials and work with Madonna through his feature films up to Fight Club. I imagine all this could be culled from interviews, since Fincher is apparently pretty verbose when you ask him questions about why he makes movies the way he does, and from reviews that talk a little bit about Fincher. Maybe rent Alien 3, too, just so you can include it in there--it was after all, his first feature movie and it might be good to talk about it so you can show how his style changes from movie to movie. It's also not a terrible movie, and has a few really nice scenes in it.

To fill in some gaps: Kevin Spacey has two Academy Awards, one for Best Supporting Actor in "The Usual Suspects," and one for Best Actor in "American Beauty."

The Madonna stuff: Fincher directed the video for Madonna's "Express Yourself." The video borrows heavily from Fritz Lang's 1926(?) sci-fi movie, "Metropolis."

The author of Fight Club isn't Jack Palahniuk, it's Chuck Palahniuk.

"cohesive," not "cohesient."

take out "did" in the phrase "the movie did cost $30 million"

A411076 - David Fincher

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You should find out a few of the music video's that Fincher directed were. Just mentioning a Madonna video isnt enough. I think he direcyed "Respect yourself". also Billy Idol's "Roch the Cradle of Love"

Try writing more in the third person. Try as hard as you can to avoid your own opinions.

You might want to mention how his films get their distinct look by using ambient ight as much as possible.

Mention the various awards that the actors have won or been nominated for in the past. Ed norton was nominated for an Acadamy Award for Best Actor for his role in "American History X"
Meat Loaf (I believe) won a Grammy in 93 for best rock song......etc. I want to say that Fincher directed Meat Loaf's video as well but I'm not sure.

Dr.Funk is correct...look up Finchers interviews. There are several floating around out there.Some quotes from him might be nice.

The answer to everything... well, not EVERYTHING

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Thank you. I've added some things, partly with some embarassment (I KNEW it was CHUCK Palahniuk and wrote JACK), put I disagreed on listing the not-for-sure music videos - thank you anyway.

A411076 - David Fincher

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Martin Harper


disclaimer: I don't know the guy, so I can't verify factual accuracy.

> "It is considered his worst film"
opinion: try "some consider it to be...". You have other bits like this.

> "I haven't seen it myself"
no 'I' or 'we' in the guide. It's the law! (again, same mistake elsewhere)

"The game" is superb! Loads of twists, and really clever. But then, it was based on a book, so he had an edge...

I think you overuse brackets... try to be more cohesive and straight-forward.

Unless you retitle "the films of..." you need to put in more biography - birth, marriage, location, occupation, religion - anything you can find... smiley - smiley

good luck!

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I agree - Back to Entry.

There's nothing wrong with what is here in this article (except incorrectly predicting Rendezvous with Rama, alas) - but there's so much that isn't here. Not only everything since 2000 - Panic Room, Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Social Network, The (American) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but also the only thing said about 'Alien3' is that the researcher hasn't seen it. It's not as if it was an obscure film that's not on video/DVD etc.

Most of the article concentrates on Fight Club - which has its own edited entry at: A776135

h2g2 should have an article on David Fincher, but I suspect that it would be easier to start from scratch.


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