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SExperts: Whatever happened to Tomorrow’s World?

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I was watching a TV programme last night about 1973 and it was the first time that I saw the work/programmes of James Burke who delivered technology/sciency material in a similar manner to the Royal Society Christmas Lectures and with more energy. It got me thinking about ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and then I got incensed about the fact that there are very few science programmes (popular or otherwise) on mainstream TV. They can’t be that expensive to make.

I have a been a telly addict in the past but now I flick through many channels on Freeview and find nothing I want to watch. This means that I have to resort to ‘talking’ with SoRB. (I know I hear the sighs of sympathy smiley - winkeye )

Anyway I want to start a campaign to bring back ‘Tomorrow’s World’ or similar on the BBC1 at 7pm.

How would I begin the campaign and get loads of people pestering the BBC? I see this as a positive thing and instead of people complaining about stuff and sending in letters to try and get programmes banned, we could get a programme started.

So come on guys, if you’re interested, how can we do this?

I’m serious.

Alex.smiley - ok

SExperts: Whatever happened to Tomorrow’s World?

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Alex are a couple of good ones on at three in the morning, slightly more advanced than science shack, also a few reruns of early open university progs, with a lot of faces we know well today as gangly freshfaced youths.

Know what you mean re beeb, all those channels and still all they seem to do is rearrange programs on each. Despite having vaults of the stuff
that was last aired at two am but is still interesting to many who can develop some of the ideas farther, once they have ben sparked.

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SExperts: Whatever happened to Tomorrow’s World?

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