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A dog is a friend

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It's quite obvious that dogs are much better than cats when it comes to companionship, love and loyalty. Theoughout history there are stories about dogs pinning away after the death of their master. Where are the stories about cats being so loyal? And when Anne Boleyn went to her execusion, her small dog was found, hidden beneath her skirts offering comfrot to the last. How would you get a cat to do that? The answer is you couldn't. Dogs have a real affection for us which we return, but with cats it's all one way. Give me a dog any day.

A dog is a friend

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I'm not really here

I totally agree. Greyfriars Bobby slept on his master's grave for around 14 years!

Cats will just bugger off if they think you're flat is too untidy (happened to a friend of mine. Mind you, the flat was *very* untidy and crappy).

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A dog is a friend

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