A Hootoo Story 1

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Chapter 1

Standing at the great doors before him, Khamsin pushed them open and
wandered into HooToo wondering what would happen to him today. Life was
always varied here and nothing was ever the same from day to day. It was a change from where he usually was and everyone recognised him before he introduced himself.

'Good day, Khamsin...' he heard behind him, 'are you
going to kill us all today, or will we have a rescue from insurmountable

Khamsin turned and smiled at his old mentor, Flamestrike. Okay so that wasn't his real name, but everyone left their real names at the door to protect their identity. Grinning Khamsin replied

'We shall wait and see my old friend.' He paused before continuing with the welcome. 'Flamestrike, how go things?'

'They go well, Khamsin. Hey, Kham do you mind just reading something for me?' Not waiting for a reply Flamestrike steered Khamsin over to a small bar with not too many around. Flamestrike ordered one stiff drink and one milk before turning back to Khamsin and handing him a piece of paper. 'So tell me, Kham, what do you think?' Gingerly he handed Khamsin the piece of paper. Khamsin smiled broadly as he read the paper.

'Tis good, I couldn't have written any better myself.' Flamestrike returned the smile and took back the paper. Folding it he returned it to his pocket so that no one else could see what he had written - afraid of what they might think if they saw what was written. They both downed their drinks and Khamsin stood up.

'I'll see you later on, Flamestrike.'

'Not a chance mate, you won't see me coming this time.' Flamestrike retorted. All Khamsin did to reply was laugh as he walked out of the bar and started down the street.


HooToo was unusual and seemed bigger than a city, yet very few people came here so there was usually a lot of time to think as he moved through the streets looking for the right place. As he was walking, a woman ran into him. She bowed her head towards him and then ran off. Khamsin felt a note in his hand. Quickly he glanced at the note and then set off at a more decided pace. Khamsin felt at home here no matter what the weather and the people in the city seemed friendlier than most places and he enjoyed their company for the most part. Stood on the street corner before him was a man acting like a fool. Well, okay, he was stood before a flock of ducks trying to command them to do things, but they just stood watching him like everyone else who tried to pass by. Khamsin merely laughed at the occurrence and turned the corner walking down a familiar darkened street.

'Your money or your life!' came a shout and Khamsin felt a sharp cool
blade against his throat. 'Don't take too long to decide Mister... oh
Khamsin it's you... I... I...' The man gulped nervously, he tried to escape but Khamsin grappled him stopping the man's flight.

'What was that then? Thought I was going to let you get away with it so easily did we my dear sir?' The wannabe mugger tried to nod but Khamsin forced the man's own blade up to the muggers throat. 'Let me show you what happens to your kind that tries to threaten me.' He pressed the blade against the man's throat until it drew blood and then threw the man to the ground. 'You better not ever try to hurt me EVER again.' The mugger nodded quickly before disappearing into one of the dark alleys.

Khamsin calmed himself till, once again, he was emotionless and he moved into the void, the blackest part of HooToo where the darkness threatened to consume him. Khamsin push towards the barrier and was threatened to be engulfed by it, yet he pushed on forwards. The next thing Khamsin knew was that he was lying in a corridor. The corridor was darkened and weapons lined the walls. A duck sat watching him as he lay on the floor.

'Yes, may I help you?' the duck questioned Khamsin.

'No nothing for today, I shall be fine. Thank you all the same.' Khamsin picked himself up and started along the corridor. The corridor seemed to expand on forever with notice boards everywhere containing information, but he still kept on going. After what seemed forever he stopped at a wall and walked through it as it was merely an illusion. Suddenly he found himself in the grounds of a manor; nothing seemed to grow normally in close proximity to this building. Khamsin strode bravely forward passing the sign that read 'nil mortifi sine lucure' being interpreted into the modern tongue as 'no killing without payment'. A good statement as any Khamsin did think, as he drew back the knocker. He swung the knocker into the door. It didn't make a sound but, within seconds, the door was swung silently open by a butler. Khamsin nodded to the butler and then started upon the path through the twisted and turning corridors. He came to a door which looked no different to any other but he knew that it was different. He pushed open the door - this one didn't creak either. There was a shade stood by the window as he entered the cramped room furnished with a desk and a fireplace.

'So it is time then?' a feminine voice came from the shade.

'Aye it is time.' Khamsin replied. 'We have been called to the meeting place with the others.' The woman turned and nodded to him. She was beautiful but had the air of death around her; this was Doctor Anthea, Head of the Assassin's Guild, the most deadly woman in the whole of HooToo. She walked silently towards him, not making a single sound as she did so; it would have been unnerving to anyone but Khamsin as he knew she wouldn't hurt him.


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