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...thru your referenced sites, and find them extremely informative. i've also read figures that 30% of one's income is an absolute MUST, as in shelter from the storms.
fortunately (or unforunately, depending on mind-set)i've developed somewhat of 'day planning' routine....one trip, several stops, and in as straight a line as possible.
for example : when i want to go to the discount grocery store, the recycling center is a block away.... and when i go to the library (a MUST-DO) i can stop at the nearby license bureau, plus stop off at a dear friend's, the post office and bank, plus a choice of gas stations on the way home.
(as it's friday, a stop at the local fish market next to the license bureau could be in order, also.)
as it has been said, time is money, so if i spend the time more efficiently, in the long run, it can save me money.
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Ah, a kindred spirit! smiley - winkeye I do the same sort of planning. The local recycling center is just behind the library, which is across the street from the Post Office. And Kroger's is on the way home (as are a wonderful smiley - choc shop and ice cream store - well, one has to have SOME fun). On the other hand, in the other direction we have Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, HH Gregg, Lowe's, and an upscale open-air mall, among zillions of other stores. Yowza. There is a branch bank a couple blocks away that was robbed at gunpoint last summer, and the robber fled into my apartment complex afterwards and sort of got stuck, having failed to thoroughly plan out his escape - we had police cars and helicopters overhead for several hours - you just can't buy entertainment like that smiley - yikes).

Speaking of which, five demerits if you've ever told your children that when you were a kid, you 'made your own entertainment'.... smiley - silly

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several, a/k/a random

i feel guilty telling a kid to 'go play, and stay out of trouble' because somehow those words don't fit together.
they don't work on the dog, either.
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