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While we all agree that a big London Meet is the best of all, it has provoked some dissatisfaction on the grounds of travelling distance, and the high price of drinks and accommodation in the capital.

The Theory

The Meet needs to be as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Therefore, if it is placed at the calculated geographical centre of all participating Researchers, it will provide minimal transport time. Plus, we get the advantage of discovering a new pub, new part of the country, and presumably some new hotels. Doesn't this sound a lot better than harrassing the Shakespeare's Head and the Bell, Book and Candle1 time after time?

The Practice

There has been no date set as yet for the meet. It will be determined at a later date, after the calculations take place. Obviously, we will try our utmost to suit everyone, because if we don't, then the location of the Meet will have to change.

If you wish to attend this Meet, please sign up in the Sign-up Thread, with your User Name and - most importantly - your location (home town will be fine). I will then calculate the geographical average, using the Long-Lat co-ordinates, we will decide on a suitable date, and I will find us a an appropriate venue.

Boring Bit

Those under the age of 18 are encouraged not to sign up for this meet, as they should not divulge even the most basic details of their location on the Internet.

Current Meet Location (updated on a semi-regular basis)

1Or whatever it's called now.

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