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Haphazard Bread Pud

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Called it this as I don't really work to a recipe!

I save the end crusts of loaves in the freezer until there are enough to fill a large mixing bowl.

Brown, white, granary..any sort. Break the bread up into little pieces and pour on enough water to soak it. I judge this by making sure all the bread is wet but there is no spare water in the bottom of the bowl.

Leave it for at least an hour. (sometimes I do this in the morning and leave covered with a clean cloth until I have time later in the day to bake)

You need to preheat the oven to about Gas 4 or electric 375f / 190c

Grease and flour a large oven dish or tin. I use a small roasting tin.

For my BPud I mix (in a separate bowl) about six tablespoons of raisins (you could use sultanas or mixed dried fruit)

Add to this a generous teaspoon of mixed spice and instead of sugar I add a large tablespoon of marmalade.

You could use sugar, about a tablespoon, brown would give a better flavour than white.

Add fruit mix to bread mix and stir thoroughly.

If the mix is still a bit sloppy add a couple of tablespoons of self raising flour.

Another addition which I sometimes make is vegetable suet. (It depends if I have it in the cupboard!) A couple of tablespoons. To be honest I am not sure what difference it makes. Maybe it makes it a bit more stable and chewy.

Spread mix evenly in tin. Doesn't really matter what size as you could have a thick pud in a small tin or thin pud in a larger tin.

Bake on middle shelf of oven for about 40 minutes. It should be browned on top and fairly firm to touch. You can sprinkle with sugar while hot if you like it crunchy on the top.

Loosen edges with a knife during cooling. When cool, cut into squares and put into a greaseproof lined tin or plastic box.

You can eat this hot with custard!!!!!!!!!!

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Haphazard Bread Pud

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