Lollipop Lady on Lostock Road, Davyhulme, Manchester

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If you travel along Lostock Road in Davyhulme, Manchester, between eight-thirty and nine o’clock in the morning, you will encounter lollipop ladies at two different points along the way. Near the motorway end of the road, the lollipop lady is efficient and does her job well. It helps that she is assisted by traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing, but anyway. The other lollipop lady, who works a spot halfway along Lostock Road, doesn’t have a clue. When she wants to hold up the traffic, she sticks her ‘lollipop’ out into the road at an angle of 30 degrees to the vertical, with the round ‘stop’ sign edge on to the oncoming traffic, so that it is practically invisible. So be careful, and try not to knock down any kids while squinting to see what the strange lady in yellow is doing with her long pole.

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