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I had to do something. Once the idea struck me to write a book, I was on a mission. Hopefully, my mission has found form in your hands and mind. The problem is that the success of this project I can not truly measure. For me, success is not measured by the number of books sold, but by some vague, intangible thing I will never know.
I’m not trying to change you, just open your eyes a little -- help you see within yourself and, in turn, into the rest of the world. The whole purpose of this project is to awaken a part of the human core that has been lost in society for some time, an instinctual self-reigniting sense of wholeness, what I like to call “The Artist Within.” One common misconception is that I’m trying to expose your “spirit.” Instead, I am delving down to something more specific. The word “spirit” and its definitions have become cliches. I’m talking about a part of us that is different than what self-help-Oprah Winfrey-theological-psychology 101-wanna-bes are pitching. Or, at least, I’d like to think so.

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