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Feature: A new idea to get newbies to post in the right review forum

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Due to the continuing problems of newbies not posting their entries to the correct review forum for the subject material in the entry, I've come up with yet another idea for a way to get as many people as possible to read the writing guidelines and all that. I just posted it to a Peer Review thread, but due to feeling guilty about derailing a PR thread and being concerned that not many people would see it there, I repost it here:

<<I never read Terms & Conditions when I join a website. More's the pity. Sometimes I try to, but they're always so legal and difficult to get through. Actually the BBC's aren't so bad.

What we really need is this: when you click to submit an entry to a review forum, a page comes up which has two or three bullets explaining each review forum, and then you'd select which one you wanted. Something like this:

Submit your entry to PeerReview if:

smiley - starIt is a non-fiction, explanatory article.

smiley - starIt is fair and balanced &mdash; it is from a neutral point of view and doesn't use 'I'.

smiley - starIt provides lots of detail and explanation on the subject.

smiley - starIt follows the <./>writing-guidelines</.> in every way.

[And anything else we can think of.]

Click 'here' to submit your entry to PeerReview.


This is what we need! A page like this with stuff for all the review fora, and then you could click on the correct one, but you'd have to read the explanation before you'd find the 'click here' that was in the explanation, so no skimming!>>

I'm still not sure I'm posting this in the right place, so if there's somewhere better for me to put it please let me know.

smiley - dragon

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Feature: A new idea to get newbies to post in the right review forum

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