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Feature: Download to IPOD or PDA

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Is there any way that we couldn't be able to pay a fee to download the current version of the edited entries of the guide to take with us?

For example, i'm taking a trip to europe without computer or cellphone and would love to be able to take specific sections of the guide with me. I understand there might be space limitations, but isn't there something that could be done?

Feature: Download to IPOD or PDA

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I use my PPC at work, at home and nearly everywhere else it seems thesa days, and i'd love to have a downloadable version to read at anytime without having to go 'online'.
As with another topic on this subject, i recommended that it could be like an 'Avantgo' channel - therefore, when you sync the PPC you automatically update H2G2.

Feature: Download to IPOD or PDA

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Zak T Duck

Think I'd rather stick with wifi access myself. Never been a big fan of Avantgo but that's because I prefer instant access rather than clogging up my precious pda space with rubbish I'm never going to read in the first place.

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