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Researcher U203681

How about displaying counters to show how many times an article has been read? Writers may like to know how popular their articles are.


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"Writers may like to know how popular their articles are."

People can always post to a thread under the article page to tell them. Meanwhile, this particular idea isn't new (in its various forms) and here's one such thread explaining why it isn't implemented:


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Researcher U203681

Most of the conversation on that thread is about whether or not ratings should be implemented. I wasn't suggesting anything like that, just a counter to show the writer how many times the article has been viewed. It doesn't have to be visible to anyone else. I've got a website on Geocities and that shows me statistics on how many times each page has been viewed. It would be good to have something similar here. Plenty of people will read an article but not comment on it.


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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit counting other sites
"I do not have any references for it but 'SEF' could have pointed to a similar request.

It has been suggested in several ways and it has been rejected several times as the 'simple' counting would load the servers out of proportion.

And some smiley - clowns would think it is 'fun' to play with. "


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I'm not really here

It's on the <./>Development-Features</.> to add hit counters to pages. Which means someone must have thought it was a good idea at some point.

Hit Counters - Implement hit counters for Members' Personal Spaces and articles, showing varying levels of detail.

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