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It would be great if one could erase ones old membership
no recent postings (seven years since last edit!)
Researcher Number:

I want to delete my profile-page but can't find a way.
It's impossible to get answers from anyone human.
I can't login because I have forgotten my password and don't remember with which email adress i registered. My login name seems to have been deleted but my profile is still there.
@ http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/U159994

Is it possible to delete it?



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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit on his head
"You can email the Editor with the request. Though I doubt if it is worth any trouble, you have not been very active on that account after all smiley - smiley

Send an Email to h2g2 dot Support at bbc dot co dot uk with the request to cancel the account, including all the information you have to proove it is yours.

Or you can take the odd chance of becoming a diety < F19585?thread=143046 > smiley - magic"


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The H2G2 Editors

Sorry for the very long delay here. We have erased the info and your name - we can't remove postings though. smiley - ok

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