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Frankie Roberto

Currently, the personal space page pulls a set of about 20 threads (maybe more - it was increased a while ago to allow for seperation of 'this site/other sites').

The fairly new 'number of unread posts' feature means that it would be possible (and, I think, desirable) to seperate threads with some unread posts from threads that have no new posts.

I suggested this on collective here: F128714?thread=336164 with this illistration: http://www.frankieroberto.com/collective/MP125489.htm

Do people think that this is a good idea? Should it happen on h2g2?


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Spelugx the Beige, Wizard, Perl, Thaumatologically Challenged

It's actually a set of 100 threads, so that the 'Last posted data' for the whole user can be computed reasonably accuractly. (This is one reason why userpages are very server intensive.)


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I'd rather have everything lumped together in time order, regardless of where they are from or whether they are new conversations or not.

I sometimes miss replies as it is, having to look in different places for them would be a pain in the neck for me. That's why I tend to look at my PS in h2g2/brunel, rather than any of the other colour/site schemes, they are all put together in one place, no scrolling. This is espite the replies not being clickable in Brunel, and the colour of Get Writing being much more my cup of team. It's also helpful to have them all in one place because I use two pcs. Sometimes I read at one, but don't post until I get to the other one, so they get marked as read anyway.

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Frankie Roberto

I think I would miss less threads - as I wouldn't have all the threads I've read cluttering up the main panel, instead only new ones. It'd be a bit like viewing the unread messages ir your e-mail program.

An alternative might be some way of visually marking read/unread threads (eg with a different colour or with icons) - though i still prefer the first solution.

Incidentally, I'd be happy for the (3 unread posts) info to go in the 'latest reply' column and be clickable to go to the first post you've not yet read (instead of to the last page).

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

well if we are talking a wish list for Santa...

I would like to be able to flag messages on the pop up convo list to reply to later. i tend to read mine and then go back and reply. Particularly if it is a post that requires a bit of thought rather than just a 'how are you doing type one' Replying as I go through them means I am not prioritising them - especially if I am short of time at that point.

With the old convo list I used to read them and then the ones i want to reply to I would mark as unread again to remind me to reply to them.

smiley - 2cents


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E G Mel

I'd ditto what Mort has to say there.

The point about linking to the oldest unread msg in the thread is something Jim is looking at though at the moment it just goes to the page that msg is on. He said it was really a gimmik that he needed and that he may get around to refining it later.

(This is all from memory as I can't remember the thread it was in so take it with a pich of salt!)

Mel smiley - hsif

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Yes it was something along those lines.

As to Frankie's original idea. Hmm.. no thanks. I find it hard enough to keep track of everything on one list, having to search two for a thread would do my head in smiley - headhurts

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

might i suggest you "saveweb page complete/text only" on to cd/floppy/breifcase for those posts you wish to reply to then you can
work on them at you lesuire, or maybe the good people at the bbc could
give you a link rather like safe draft on your user space for such instences or is that to simple a idea ,not able to be implemented on some sites.

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Digibox users can't save lists of links in files. I find a piece of paper and pencil quite effective for anyone though. If I lose that then it probably wasn't so important anyway.

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

YES but drafts folder on page be usefull hasnt get writeing got something like that ?

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<./>/dna/ican/</.> has folders for saving page links. Of course any online dna site page can be used to temporarily notes but, unless it is deleted and undeleted, it will be visible to others. It is also probably not that convenient compared with marking threads unread in a conversation list.

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I somehow wiped out a word there! - "temporarily store notes".

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