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Single Necessary Feature

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This site needs just one feature. Working.

Single sign in and multiple log out don't work. Think about it, you might agree.

Single Necessary Feature

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E G Mel

Well it does because they refer to different things.

Single Sign On - this refers to there being a single sign on method for multiple sites.

Multiple log out - this refers to a single click used to log out of multiple sites.

Therefore they do work and are essentialy compliant with each other it's just the names which are confusing smiley - smiley

Mel smiley - hsif

Single Necessary Feature

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Frankie Roberto

I think they should be called Single Sign In and Single Sign Out.

You have to sign in and out only once, which spans multiple sites...

Single Necessary Feature

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Hi Y'all

So sign in once, logout cus it fell over, then can't log back in.

That's single sign in, multiple logout, and it don't work.

I'll try another site.

Single Necessary Feature

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E G Mel

Well to be honest since the teething problems have been got over I haven't had any problems.

Are you still experiencing this or has it been resolved at your end too?

By all means try other sites, there are many available, h2g2/DNA is kind of unique though.

Mel smiley - hsif

Single Necessary Feature

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Hi Mel.

Still have some problems. Try to edit something, system refuses to post, saying can't do it 'cus not logged in. Shouldn't happen there, when you've already got thing open for editing.

But then go to front page, my space button appears, and LO, it works and I'm logged in as if nothing went wrong. Site still got problems and slowness.

Single Necessary Feature

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E G Mel

It sounds like you're having the same problem I was when the system first came out.

Jim (the tech guy) said it was something to do with the amount of 'sockets' available on the SSO server and the amount that h2g2 needed.


is the conversation and you can see my response to that.

Anyway the upshot is that it's meant only to be a teething problem and it shouldn't be around for long, but if you're still getting it maybe the sockect increase or whatever they did wasn't enough.

Next time you get this problem can you have a quick look at the who's online list and see how many people are logged in (it's written under the radio buttons) It would be interesting to know if the reason I don't see it anymore is because I'm not logged on during the busy periods (I only log in at work and I work French hours at the moe so completely miss the evening english rush smiley - sadface )

Mel smiley - hsif

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