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Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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All the images I want to add to my entries are my own images from my original website. Please please please figure out a way we can prove ownership and post our own images. A tutorial flows much better if someone doesn't have to click on an external link just to view a 100x75 gif.

GALLERY: http://homepage.mac.com/johnselvia/
ALTERNATE: http://www.dnaco.net/~ivanjs/

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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I'm afraid it's not just an issue of copyright, Johnny.

Here are the potential problems with the various systems that could be introduced:

1. Linking to graphics on external sites must not be allowed, as the site would quickly fill up with broken images, and pages could take ages to load just because an external server is slow.

2. Asking the italics to upload your images for you would take up far too much of their time - they are busy enough as it is! At the moment, they will upload pictures for you if they'll be of benefit to the whole community (for example, photos of a hootoo meet-up, or something for The Post) but don't have time to upload everything (or even anything) other people ask for.

3. A system could be put in place for researchers to upload their own images to the blob database. However, this is very much open to abuse: there would have to be a screening process in place (to stop people uploading porn etc), filters would have to be put in to prevent over-large images, and to prevent system flooding. This is a big task!

(These are all just problems that came to me now!)

As it happens, if you look at <./>Development-Features</.>, you'll see that (3) is on the list, and will eventually be added by Jim Lynn and the technical team - but you may have a long wait ahead of you, as it's not a priority...

Hope that helps!

~ smiley - towel

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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Zak T Duck

There is a volunteer scheme that might interest you though, the CommunityArtists who produce graphics for Edited Endries, The Post and some of the clubs and societies on site. There's more information on the scheme if you follow the above link. smiley - smiley

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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It is worth pointing out though that CAs don't get to add just any images they want. We are given specific entries to illustrate. It has been ruled that we are not even allowed to illustrate our own edited guide entries if they get picked for the front page.

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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That sounds a bit harsh. smiley - sadface But I guess it's to stop quabbling within the community... smiley - sigh

~ smiley - towel

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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Zak T Duck

It's exactly the same as what goes on with the Scouts and Sub-Editor volunteer groups, you can't Recommend your own entries and you can't sub-edit them either.

Let us Add Images To Our Entries!!!

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

Hi all..smiley - smiley..hope you don't mind me adding to this..smiley - ok..

This question was asked a few days ago..I copied & pasted the reply which was..

For copyright reasons the BBC (who own this site) don't like people posting any sort of external graphics to the site, so you might have a few problems with the *.gif...

We are very aware of the fact that people would like to be able to use their own artwork on h2g2, however in the short term we have no plans to introduce a system that allows Researchers to link to or upload their own images.

The BBC is very concerned about copyright issues, because being a big organisation it is far more likely to get sued then a small organisation.

It is not all bad news, however. If you visit the DNA features suggestion list at <./>Development-Features</.>, you will see that it includes the following;
"Public Picture Uploading - Enable Members to upload pictures, movies, sounds etc, and consider how to integrate pictures into the editorial approval process."

So it is down on the list to implement, though as when that will be I am afraid I cannot say.

(smiley - run before original poster shouts..smiley - thief)..

smiley - rose

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