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I recently finished reading Dune by Frank Herbert and I thought it would be interesting to talk about it and what it's about.

The first book 'Dune' is about a planet called Arakis, commonly known as Dune, desert planet. It's rich in a substance called Spice which can make people live far longer than they would normaly and it can let people see into the future. The book opens by introducing the character Paul Atreides who is heir to Duke Leto of Caladan, their homeworld.

Paul has been trained the Bene Gesserit way, a sisterhood who belive in creating the ultamate massiah through special breading programs, by his mother the Lady Jessica. This means that he can study peoples body language and what they say logicly to, for example, see if they are lieing or not. He has also been tought how to fight and understand politics, which there is an abundance of.

The main plot of the story is about the overthrough of House Harkonnen, a ruthless and evil faction ruled by the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, from Dune to make way for the rule of House Atreides. But first a brief history of Dune.
Dune is a desert planet and water is very scarce. Water is cherished on Arakis by the native people that live there called Fremen, a trible people that live on religion and tradition. Dune is the main hub of life in the universe because it produces Spice. Spice makes the whole universe function; without it there would be no space travel and no communications between worlds, the human race would no longer be able to move forward. A great economy is brought up from the ownership of Arakis and thoughs that own it control the universe, effectivly. The real ruler of the universe is the Emperor Shadam the fourth. This is very improtant to the plot of the story and without it there wouldn't be an interesting story to follow.

Throughout the book deceit and assassinations are common and the promise of water to Arakis is what drives the whole story. Paul and his mother discover that the Atreides have been taken over by the Harkonnens and they must flee into the desert and join the Fremen to stay alive. As they live with the Fremen they must become Fremen to survive; walking in the desert is not safe, not just because of the heat, but the giant sandworms that live there. Massive segmented creatures that have thousends of teeth and could quite happily eat a whole house in one bite.

Living among the Fremen Paul quickly realises that he is going to be a massiah in the future. Because of the breading program that the Bene Gesserit have been doing for thousends od generations, it has produced a single human being that is the Kwisatz haderach, the massiah of the future. Unfortunatly Paul has come before his time and the Bene Gesserit want to correct the problem and save the bloodline, but Paul isn't just some tool for others to use and he disobeys them.

I'm going to leave it at that for now as I don't want to spoile the ending. In conclusion, Dune is a universe of its own and is too diverse and complicated to fully type in everything. I'd like to have a chat with some people out there about it; to get into a discussion about the book would be great.

Eddy Random

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