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He was like that all along. In the first few chapters of Genesis he was cursed by Jehovah, and at the beginning of the book of Job he challenges Jehovah. All the way through the two are enemies.


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James Casey

Yes, absolutely, but the difference is that he's still actively working for God or at least obeying him in the OT.

I have put it too simplistically, and this bit (like so many others in the article) could use expansion; thanks for pointing it out. smiley - biggrin

It's been such a long time since I first did the huge splurge to write what is there that I've rather baulked at continuation. Particularly since there's already an article in the Edited Guide - though I wouldn't have started this in the first place had I not had issues with it, of course...


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Researcher 188007

It was my understanding that Satan challenged God and was cast down from Heaven for his audacity.

smiley - popcorn

The Bible comes from the Greek 'Ta Biblia' (The Books) - it has become singular in English somewhere along the way.


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James Casey

re. ta biblia - very true. Not sure why I haven't put that in there already, having done a Classics degree and all that...!

The Satan challenging God bit, unless I'm hideously mistaken, isn't mentioned in the Bible...

Please, someone point out the passage if I'm wrong!

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