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Almond Heresy

The anointed feet

The bridal chamber

The secret mystery

Lightning thunder

Soft and rosy

Almond heresy

Magdalene O love

The picture of dove

Divine spirit shines

In spring time profusion

Colours of the season

Heralds the new vision

Easter eggs hatch new breeds

Children smile like sunflower seeds

The blood , the womb in tombs they lay

And flowers bloom in marriage gay

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Notes about the poem

  • Mary Magdalene, the first human being to have received the apostolic
    commision of Christ, is documented in John's gospel.
  • The cannonical gospels of the New Testament and Nag Hammadi 'Gospel of Philip' suggest her particular initiated role in spreading the gnosis of Christ.
  • The gaiety of marriage is the heavenly bliss of Hieros Gamos (The
    Sacred Marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene).The Gospel of Philip gives us the account of the 'mystical marriage' and unveils the bridal chamber as a sacrament:
    The Lord did everything in a mystery: baptism and a chrism, and a Eucharist and a redemption and a bridal chamber.

    Philip 67:26
    Bridegrooms and bride belong to the bridal chamber. No one shall be able to see the bridegroom with the bride unless one become

    Philip 82:20-25
    The bridal chamber is hidden. It is the Holy of Holies. The veil at first concealed, how God arranged the creation, but when the veil is rent, the things inside are revealed .., this Ark will be its salvation.

    Philip 84:20-35

In Jung's psychological treatment, a harmonious union of opposites have taken place, often referred to as 'coincedentia oppositorium'.
In the world of Tao, polar opposites exist in spiritual unity and is the
basis of the bonding of love. It is not a static entity but a dynamic
interplay between two extremes: the play between 'yin', the female
aspect of nature and 'yan', the male aspect of nature. Also the union
between 'purush' and 'prakiti' or 'shiva' and 'shakti' in Hindu
symbolism. Love is a yoga : union between body, mind and soul. In Eastern mysticism, polar attractions is one way of attaining the enlightenment, to go beyond the earthly opposites. There is no 'shiva' without 'shakti' and yoga is a realisation of the unity of all things. Only when 'shiva' is united with 'shakti' does he have the power to create 'saundaryalahari', the beautiful wave, which is the love of creation.

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