A Conversation for The Squirrel Conspiracy

Anti-Grey-Squirrel Cat

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I wish to join your fight against the Grey squirrel threat. I seem to have this thing against the colour grey in a squirrel shape. I am trained to chase until sqirrel is cornered up a tree. I don't follow the sqirrel, because I won't be able to get back down. And the fire brigade are fed up of me calling.

smiley - fullmoon

Anti-Grey-Squirrel Cat

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simply scruff singing a rainbow

welcome to the fight!

Anti-Grey-Squirrel Cat

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Sick Bob. (Most recent incarnation of the Dark Lord Cyclops. Still lord and master of the Anti Squirrel League and Keeper of c

Welcome Smilodon (Watch those teeth!)

Please sign the ASL role call (which I'll one day transfer to the main page text if I get round to it) and take part in the "Join the Revolution" conversation forum where the action is.

New Recruits are always welcome. Here is your standard issue shotgun, alsatian, ghetto blaster and off-license discount card.

Welcome to the resistance, warrior!

Anti-Grey-Squirrel Cat

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Thank you, SIR!

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