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I think television is the greatest invention ever. Without a doubt, the greatest.

The amazing thing about television is that it has something for just about everyone, and most of us are addicted to it. Believe it or not, if someone takes over our country tomorrow there will be more people watching protests on televison than those protesting.

Never have we humans had it so darned good.

Not that long ago some artistic chap known affectionately as "Grrrrrrooowlaas" would be sketching hunting rituals on caves for recreation, while his first cousin from his mother's side would be banging rocks against each other to see ( hear actually ) how they sound. Whereas now we can instead watch channel "v" where music sounds like stones banging against each other and a "Grrrrrrooowlaas" look alike claims it's art. Phew.

Gone are the times when you tried to determine exactly which window gives a good view of your neighbours' daughters' bedroom. We instead just watch television after eleven..!! Thus we no longer have to sneak into a 'mills and boon' to figure out how our existence came into being.

For those of you short-sighted doubting Thomases who claim that education suffers at the hands of television, we have the History channel, Discovery and National Geographic where you learn about the wonderful world we live in and are also reminded every five minutes that 'Close-Up' is a hundred percent vegetarian in India.

Finally for those of you who think that this article is basically flawed, because life as depicted on television is so different from real life.......WE HAVE REALITY T.V TOo...!!!!

God bless colour TV.

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