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"In this space"

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Is mise Duncan

What the heck does that mean?

e.g. "What I'm really keen to do in this space, going forward , is..."

as opposed to what - some unspecified space in a parrallel dimension where time runs backwards...?

"In this space"

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

I think* it means either
... yeh... it must just mean now? smiley - ermsmiley - headhurts so.... for BoBs sake... why not we just use the word 'now'? smiley - rofl oh, it sounds more.... pompus and soemthing if we create some redundant gobblydiduke instead smiley - biggrin

"In this space"

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I worked with someone who wouldn't say the word 'but'. He'd read that 'but' had negative connotations and contradicted everything that came before it, rendering the first part of the sentence meanlingless: "I like what you've done with this presentation, but we need to start over."

So he substituted 'and' for 'but' - "I like what you've done with this presentation and we need to start over."

Intriguing idea and it made my blood boil.

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