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Demon Drawer...you all know him, you all love him and now you will all have an opportunity to discover more than you ever thought possible about the man behind the name.

Demon Drawer currently resides in Northern Ireland where he was born. He spent 8 years away from his home while working and studying in England, mainly in London, with one year in Coventry in the West Midlands. His resume' includes working as a student barman, shelf stacker, for a charity organising events, jewellery retailer, chemistry lab technician and is currently a civil service desk jockey (recently promoted *large grin*). His parents are 'retired' teachers and he has a younger brother who lives in Cambridge with his wife of 5 years. Demon Drawer is also the proud owner of a cat named Tina who went to the vet to get neutered but returned castrated. His biggest pet peeve is people who don't indicate at junctions. He lives at a very bad intersection about 20 yards away from a roundabout on a major road. How he has never crashed while pulling out of there is beyond him.

One day, just before Christmas, while reading the Times On-Line while at work Demon Drawer saw an article about DNA and the site. He clicked the link and the rest as they say is probably in the h2g2 Historical Society. Since being here he has found that he enjoys the way people feel free to give feedback on articles. He tries to accommodate as much and as quickly as possible but finds that with the number of articles it is difficult, so he is checking them less often. Demon Drawer finds himself wishing that there were some sort of system which would alert him to whenever someone added a new thread to one of the articles.

Demon Drawer took a moment to explain the origin of his name for those of you who may not of read the section on it over at his page. It has never been a secret how he came to have this particular name. He plays lawn bowls and there are two basic shots... the drive, which is full out speed and the drawer, when you let the natural curve of the bowl turn it so as it gets close to the jack. He used to have the reputation of being a lethal driver when things got tough. Now, although he still drives well, he draws a lot more frequently, so the phrase 'demon draw' came to be used when his team mates thought he was going to drive but drew instead.

Demon Drawer is, as most of you know, is an assistant community editor (Ace for short). He totally enjoys his position and told me that, soon after joining h2g2, he found the 'who's online' window. He noticed all these 'new today' tags beside names and started to pop by to see who else was new. Being a sociable person he would say hello. While doing this he found that all the Ace's would come over and see he'd got there first. Anyway, he applied to become an Ace and attempted to spend some of his time online reading new users pages then making some related comment to what the have done, plus saying hello. Sometimes he leaves them a few starter links but sometimes they are like he was and seem to have found them all by themselves. By stopping by the 'newbie' pages he has made quite a few friends and admits some of his long-term friends on h2g2 are people he met in their early days just by popping over to say hi.

As if being an Ace wasn't busy enough Demon Drawer, has also thrown his hat into the virtual ring and is running for public office. He states that he has always been just another researcher. OK, he writes a lot of articles, posts to a lot of pages, but he is just one of the people. In his mind he feels that the president should be someone in touch with the heartbeat of h2g2. He claims to be in some of the busiest, some of the quietest, some of the funniest and some of the most serious corners of h2g2. DD is a face that most people recognise, he even finds himself mentioned in forums before he finds them. He is a man of the forums, so to speak, and talks to the Italics about some of the concerns that are out there. He finds that, for the most part, they listen to him and for this reason he could represent all the researchers. However he has already received two death threats from opposing candidates, which, in his mind, means he must be doing something right (hhhmmmm, death threats a good thing??)

As for outside of h2g2, Demon Drawer informs me that he has just recently split up from a long-term relationship and is still attempting to find his feet. He goes out drinking with his mates after a good bowls match. He enjoys going to the movies and finds that it spills over to his h2g2 time. Due to his love of movies Demon Drawer set up the h2g2 Film Society which ran the Academy Awards and presented the PETA's this year. He reads quite a bit though, now that he drives to work, it is not as much as it used to be. He also collects Swatch watches, a carry over from his jewellery days. Some of these watches have never been worn, but are gathering value all the time.

Lastly Demon Drawer took a moment to make some 'shameless' plugs. He runs a really quite Italian Restaurant. The food is good but for some reason people have stopped visiting which is really quite sad as it is beginning to echo a bit. He also insisted on giving a big hello to Joanna who is his presidential running mate. He also lays claim to being one of her longest surviving Doughnut customers. He remembers when she walked around the beach with a basket back before the stand was built. The best thing about her doughnuts is that they are delicious and virtually fat free, please pop over and take a peek at the menu.

After leaving me with this all of this information Demon Drawer sauntered off into the sunset showing off his nifty new shirt which has

DD and J


A doughnut in every drawer

in big red letters across the back.


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