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They're studying Kaballa, the jewish mysticism,
turning my culture into a popularism
screaming at the sky that i'm fading into nothing
as madonna wears a thread proclaiming newfound judaism.

And near as I can tell this mystic shit is f**king garbage
defying logic of religion, life and spiritualism,
claiming to know god without studying a torah
claiming to know logic, putting an if without a then.

So why can't you just be happy with your own traditions?
"We don't want to be white!" whine pampered hollywood princesses,
britney spears is tattooing "it's cause i love yaweh!"
expressing her disgrace of four thousand years of religion.

My rabbi tells me that I am exaggerating,
that things ain't so bad as the way I'm seeing 'em,
he can't see i don't want to welcome these people,
these morons barging their way into our traditions.

I prefer to be unnoticed, avoided by the world,
keeping my head down but they force me up
i miss the days when my religion was unnoticed,
whatever happened to good old antisemitism?

Better to be hated than to have these bastards,
these bitches these morons these putz's these shmendricks,
proclaiming themselves jews when they don't know hebrew from yiddish
our language is already dying don't let our faith go with it.

Cause all we have is each other when we're constantly hunted,
and israel's not for me cause i can't abide by what they're doing
so all i've got is new york and my belief that i'm chosen
but now hollywood's up in arms for circumcision.

Please God, please moses and abraham issac jacob,
whoever's listening! there's somebody beggin!
i need this to stop, i need it to end
please God don't let my faith become a fad.

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