a brief history of time travel

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There are many ways to travel in the fourth dimention you can sleep in mine for 500 years like buck rogers get a bang on the head like peggy sue(got married)or even uses magic like catweazel but the most popular ways are in a time machine or surspened animation.
in buck rogers in the 25 century it was surspened animation as unlike the comic strip buck's deep space probe was blown of course returning 500 years later buck was awakened by the draconians to help them break through earths defences instead he led them in fighting the draconians in the second season they changed the format to deep space as buck and wilma join the searcher but the show only lasted 34 episodes.
Many tv shows have used more than one the twilight zone had a plain getting lost in a cloud,thiefs that used surspended animation and even buster keaton with a time helmit.
Red dwarf used the two most popular ways plus time slides walking into a photo and even a time hole to travel way into the future were time is going backwards.
Spaceship that travel in time such as in star trek the spaceman and king arthur and of course planet of the apes more often than not do not mean to but are accidents.
Were as in doctor who time tunnle and quantum leap it was the aim in Q.L.doctor sam beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelrator and vanished but could only travel in a limited time his own life so all the storys had to be set in the past still the show was inventive with the evil leaper and trilogy it ran for 96 episodes.
In the time tunnle doug phillips and tony newman get traped in a never ending trip though all the best bits of history and even travel to the future and meet alien invaders.it ran for 30 episodes
Were as in doctor who his tardis could go any were in space or time with no limits to his travels he could go from and time on any planet to any time on this planet(as long as it looked like a quarry).doctor who ran for 26 years with 695 episodes
by far the best film series back to the future 1.2.3. in which marty mc fly travels in a car.other ways inclued the time express a train that had a stange captain(vincent price)a very short lived show just 4 episodes were made.
a phone box in bill and teds two films,walking down a street in goodnight sweetheart the uses of a drug in time trax or a time disc in the tomorrow people.
Even the uses of a labyrinth in into the labyrinth were a group of children try to help a sorcerer duel the evil belor and retrive the nidus.

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