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i moved to pennsylvania because it's a gorgeous place, i live on a mountain, high above the city. it's breathtaking. breathtakingly dull. nothing is open past 9 pm and all of the locals hang out at walmart for fun. there are only three places within an hour's drive here that are open 24 hours a day. walmart is one of them, the other two being perkins (a lousy "family resturant" and Denny's (another equally lousy place). it kills and bewilders me, how people can stand to hang out at walmart when the mall closes. there isn't even a borders here!
that's not to mention that there are no truly attractive people here. everyone seems to have inherited "dull DNA", everyone is plain, very boring, and seemingly inbred.
want to have fun in northeastern PA? go to the old coal mine and take a tour, or go to walmart. these people are so proud of that darned store. it's pathetic really. most of these people have never even heard of borders. how insane is that? okay, i admit, i am a bit of a snob about it, but hearing "what's borders? is that like taco bell?" everyday is nuts.
my advice, if you want to raise farms animals and be boring, live here in PA. if you want to have fun, go somewhere else cause this place sucks.

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