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C Hawke


Another one from the depths with another researcher missing belived at lunch.

This one will need some sub-editing to remove the occasional 1st person reference but I think it will be worth it.

C Hawke - returned from the depths until next month

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Lotsa potential here, Hawke!

This is a realy good article for giving the low-down on the Korean Room Salon, but as you suggest, some of the first-person references (and related implications) need to be removed to make it useful reading for those who've never seen one. Surely you can get something more from the bar than Scotch and beer, for example? What are the prices like? Where are the best ones?

Think a bit more 'Guide book', and a little less 'chatty, personally derived extended journal entry', and you might get the idea of what I'm talking about, here...smiley - winkeye! I like the entry, but it would be very difficult for any editor to fill in the missing information, rather than change the tone of the piece. The tone of the piece, after all, doesn't need that much changing, but if any of it is removed then the information deficit becomes that much more apparent. I'd suggest a little revision for this one, before I recommended it...

A370045 Korean Room Salons

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C Hawke

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A370045 Korean Room Salons

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