"People are idiots", a fellow said to me

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the other night. "And it's a waste of time to change their minds."

Well, I have spent my life discussing the Bible and other useful references with people, in the hopes that some smidgeon of information might crawl into a crevice in their brains and take root.

The odd thing is that true idiots actually can grasp simple truths

and hold onto them with both lobes. It is the "Normal" people

who engage in grey areas (avoiding the one between their ears

as much as possible) and wiggle room and "half-truths" and "white lies"

and "that's just your opinion" equivocation.

There is nothing normal about not facing reality.

Now, if you are a "Christian" sort of person, and you ignore

the reality of the words and cultural and historical impact

of your main holy book in favor of pop cult spew,

then you miss the entire simple message that Jeshua Von Nazareth

was trying to get across in the first place.

I'll try to boil it down for the interested.


And I don't mean the facially-challenged rock group from






It don't get any easier than that.

It takes a true moron to complicate that so that one has

to have another book or a catechism or a seminary degree

in order to practice something wholly other and call it the

same thing.

Jesus didn't think that it was a waste of time to try to change

idiot's minds. Look at all the one on one tutoring time

he spent with the 12 Stooges.

Never mind that they didn't really get it and after

he went on a well-deserved vacation (he's expected back anytime

now), they did their own thing, like a car whose driver has

suddenly suffered a Baptist rupture...

In the midst of the theosophical carwreck that is the New

Testament, the words of Jeshua Von Nazareth shine. They are,

when he's not playing word games that have been spoiled by

sloppy translations and bad memories, simple and straight-forward.

There is no wiggle room, no "white lies", and no grey areas.

Those had to be added later by those who rebuilt the temple

and reinstalled the money changers and the food concessions.

Hmm, kinda like a mall.

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