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Prosthethnic Vogon Jeltz (P.S of Poetic Liscence)

Ifelt in a electronic mood when i wrote this.


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I presume you mean the entry at http://www.h2g2.com/A368219...

The entry as written has some good information in it, such as what the group sounds like, and how they came up with their name. However, the article will become rapidly dated the way it is written right now. I would advise removing the part about waiting to see what their next album is going to be like.

Also, please consider separating your article into managable paragraphs. Seeing one largish chunk of text is a bit intimidating, or at least hard on the eyes.

Furthermore, I think that the song list is a bit unnecessary. After all, what can one learn about a song from its title?

Overall, I would say this article has potential, but still needs work.


A368219 - Eiffel 65

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Jamie of the Portacabin

You could add something about the words 'If I was green I would die' being mysteriously intertwined with 'Da ba dee da ba di'...

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U117338: Eiffel 65

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