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the unisex lavs

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in a mixture of the ladies and gents loos there is a reception with a couch, but you wouldn't want to sit on it. Vases with beer and dead flowers in.

The toilets themselves are spotless and clean and the magic number of stalls reamains.

Half of the mirrors have been replaced with football trivia. there's soap and paper towels, but no little lady to hand them out.


smiley - biggrin

the unisex lavs

Post 2


<smiley - ghost of Morty wanders in>

coo - nice in here!

<smiley - ghost of Morty wanders out>

the unisex lavs

Post 3


*gets a shiver up his spine*

the unisex lavs

Post 4

Goddess PinkFluffyDuck ruler of all things!


*walks out*

the unisex lavs

Post 5


Think I'll just sit here and wait for this Unisex person to show up.

I've never seen one of themsmiley - laugh

the unisex lavs

Post 6


smiley - whistle

the unisex lavs

Post 7

Dea.. - call me Mrs B!

They aint coming, that unisex person, are they?

the unisex lavs

Post 8



Missed out againsmiley - laugh

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