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Here is a place where we can begin to assemble a culinary repository of h2g2 lore. Post your fave recipes to the forum, and they'll be added to the entry directly. Please consider oven temperature, the time the recipe takes (so nobody gets confused and tries it too quickly), and the number of people it serves. Maybe it would be a good idea to note at the top whether recipes are vegetarian or some subset thereof, too.

To start with: Duncan Jones (Spearcarrier)'s fish recipe (slightly adapted) http://www.h2g2.com/FFM19585?thread=57538&show=20#p429786:

Add water to a steamer pot and put on heat.
Put several new potatoes in the water in the bottom pot of the steamer to boil,
Lay a bed of tarragon in the steamer
Put two fishies (rainbow trout or similar white fish) on this,
Mix together: coconut milk,
a touch of butter, and
chopped lemon grass
Stuff the mixture into the body cavity of the fishies
Steam for 20 minutes

Also on the fish tip, this entry:

Bon appetit!

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