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penfold is NOT mighty mouses sidekick.

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Mighty Mouse was an american cartoon.

Penfold is (not 'was' as he didn't leave him) DangerMouse's sidekick.

DangerMouse was an English cartoon.

Penfold is also my self-appointed nickname as he was my childhood hero.

Penfold is also an Australian wine producer.

I suspect that the word 'penfold' originated from the name 'pinfold' which seems to be a popular name for roads in the UK - which I think will turn out to be something to do with olde trading routes. Theres a 'Pinfold Lane' in many UK cities and towns.

The Surname Penfold and its various spellings; Pinfold, Punfoldan, Pennefold, Pundfold, Pundfolde, Pundfaude is an English surname originating from the Olde English pre 7th century word "pundfald", meaning a walled enclosure where stray animals, vagrants and gipsies were kept - which is probably where the word 'pen' meaning enclosure and 'fold' meaning a gathering of like (invariably referring to sheep as they tend to stay close together) comes from or vice/versa.

It was originally given either as an occupational name to someone in charge of such a pen or pound, or as a topographical name to one who lived by this man-made feature.

Also, 'To Pinfold' someone means to enclose/encapture them so presumably thats where the name for DangerMouse's sidekick came from as they were supposed to be capturing enemies of the state - tho invariably they just prevented/righted the planned catastrophe and the 'enemy' got away/escaped - and the name being a very olde English surname eluding to the olde-fashioned, slightly nieve, traditional in thought and dress-sense penfold himself.

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penfold is NOT mighty mouses sidekick.

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