The Lottery

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Two paths exist for being independantly wealthy... Hard work and determination mixed with a little luck over a period of time may lead some people to achieving their financial dreams.

Others walk around hoping to find a large box of money.

The lottery is a government-sanctioned version of the latter method, offering participants a chance to randomly win a prize. Unlike Shirley Jackson's short story 'The Lottery" (1948), the winner of most state lotteries will not be stoned to death as their reward, at least without their previous knowledge.

Most lotteries select several numbers from a vastly larger pool of numbers, thus creating one winning combination out of several million possibilities. The lucky person or persons who had previous selected or randomly purchased this winning combination will then be awarded a new life of wealth and success, ranging from "new-car" wealthy to "new soverign of several island states" wealthy.

All losing ticket holders curse themselves for playing and vow not to repeat the process until the next drawing.

It should be noted that the lottery can be viewed as a tax on people who are bad at math. Most money invested in lottery tickets would be better placed at the bottom of a large hole in the backyard, which could then be dug up when additional cash was needed in the future. Even at this 0% rate of return, a larger profit would be made than virtually everyone who participated in the lottery.

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