Anti-Ironing of Clothes Campaign

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Is ironing your clothes worth it?

Surely if everyone were to not bother ironing their clothes a lot less electrical energy would need to be produced and less energy used to produce the irons, keeping down pollution and saving fossil fuels...

The 'Just been dragged through a hedge backwards' look has come back in fashion (supposedly), so crumpled clothes should make you the coolest person around!┬╣

And you would have loads more time to come on H2G2!

This may seem daft to pretty much everyone, but any lazy person will tell you that this is a good idea.

Please air your views in the forum and if enough people request, I will set up Supporters and Opposers lists so everyone knows who everyone else is.

┬╣This is not guranteed, it is, in fact, extremely unlikely.

But don't let me put you off.

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