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Moeller Mover

Nice job. I think I have learned everything I ever wanted to know about a drink. Really, a great piece.

Tom Collins

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Fantastic.. There are absolutely no questions I have remaining about a Tom Collins.

Tom Collins

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Tom Collins (tomthedog)

Thank you both very much. It's been such a long time since I've looked at this entry, almost since I submitted it (five weeks and counting). I'm beginning to despair. Will it ever be approved? I'm glad someone's seen it and liked it, though. Makes my day. smiley - smiley

Tom Collins

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Well done even for getting the piece written and approved. All good except for a couple of small points...

Never use commercial sour mix, it's awful and ruins what could've been a good drink (I wouldn't call it a Tom Collins). We're talking lemon, sugar and soda - if a bar hasn't them to hand I would avoid a Tom Collins there.
For the home mixologist - don't waste time looking for a commercial product that bears as much resemblance to lemon as my primary school art does to Rembrandt; lemons, sugar and soda are easy to find!! Use lime instead of lemon for a Rickey.

Collin's are always built - which makes it perfect as a home cocktail.
When shaken it becomes a Gin Fizz (add egg white for a Silver Fizz and egg yolk for a Golden Fizz).

Classic garnish is orange and cherry, more recently it is served with lemon/lime slices/wedges and some bartenders even add a splash of angostura bitters.

Good variations these days include adding fresh fruits to the mix (muddle them in the glass) and using alternatives to sugar such as honey or agave nectar.

Several good books to get you started if writing about/mixing cocktails:
Gary Regan - The Joy of Mixology (2003)
Salvatore Calabrese - Classic Cocktails (1997)
Charles H. Baker - Jigger, Beaker & Glass (1895)

Sorry to sound picky, enjoy your drinks however you please (and I will serve them however someone asks, but I dont keep artificial sour mix smiley - sadface ) but a well made cocktail is a joy as much as a well cooked meal.

Best, M. smiley - biggrin

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