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AquaMarina the Mermaid - wearing her shell bikini top for the bikini [email protected]

*splish splosh*
I didn't understand that...
and I agree with you, The Fish, I can read the Bubblish mostly without my notes now! What a shame there is no "O" level Bubblishsmiley - biggrinI'd have my first Human Academic Qualification!
*glub glub*

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The Cheese

Can I be a member? I'm not aquatic, but cats eat fish and drink milk, and milk, of course, makes cheese. And I think that being in the company of fish might give me some more buddies to protect me when those darned cats come around.


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The Fish

smiley - drunkas asmiley - hsif

smiley - bigeyes

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bable (I am delusional and I can no longer understand myself)

I am a fish ???

I don't usually carry such dillusions

<8~-< <*))< <:++>< <:||><

any thoughts


can i join?

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GinTonyx - Keeper and Mixer of the Gin and Tonic, Muse of the Lemon Garden.

I am not a fish but I have an aquarium at home and I love my fish. That's why I would like to join.

What are we going to do?

Keeper and Mixer of the Gin and Tonic
Muse of the Lemon Garden

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