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Water Games: Waterskiing

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Be pulled behind a speedboat at high speeds while performing stunts – either singly or as part of a group.


Water Games: Waterskiing

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*reads her damp and smudged instructions* water-skiing, perform stunts, either sing, or in groups

smiley - yikes oh no, not singing smiley - groan. I am only a beginner water skier so have entered for the experience only, didn’t expect the singing and no time to rehearse as I thought this event was tomorrow…

So a basic routine then

Goes for a deep water start, steadies herself and starts singing I am a smiley - cider drinker by The Wurzels

smiley - musicalnote when the moon shines on the cowshed
And we are rolling in the hay smiley - musicalnote

Jumps the wake until gets to last line of chorus when she turns 180 and skis backward waggling her bum to ‘ooh arrh, oh arrh ay, ooh arrh, ooh arrh ay

Turns forwards, hums through second verse while concentrating on her jump which isn’t huge but lands ok

Carves past the judges and finishes off with a Rope on Neck

* thinks she has done ok, the singing was terrible but the accent was authentic might pick up a point or two*

Water Games: Waterskiing

Post 3


Given the misunderstanding at the pool I would just like to point out for the record, that I was wearing my wetsuit for this event smiley - biggrin

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