Vivic rainbow flame part 1/3

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Vivic was in another of her mage furies destroying her brother's room and she thought of going to her parent's room next of even her sister's

She had finnaly got out of her bad relationship but now she was being rediculed by all her friends in the village - being the only 16 year old girl still not married - ^why?^ she thought did you have to be married soon as you where fertile?

suddenly in out of nowhere seemed to come a man ... of a boy?

he looked about her age but the thing in his hand ... it had a flashing light and his clothes had little dongles comming off metal tracks

his hair was kinda long compared to the short hair of the village boys but not girl would cut her hair that short either, and his grey eyes seemed to be pits into infinity

"Hello My Lovely Lady I am Zand" he said

"um I- ... I'm--- ... I'm V-v-i-v-i-i-c" she said in a shakey almost stutter

"would you mind telling me what they call this planet in this "Dimension?"

""um... what?"

"do you know the name of this world? Planet? this place as a whole?" he asked in a gentle voice but you could see he was a bit nervous

"um...this is Duric"she repplied

ok then I must go now me-lady" he said while pressing a button on his blinking thing that she now noticed didn't seem to have a set shape

he pressed the button and a flame seemingly made of rainbow appeared behind him and he let himself fall backwards into it

she jumped into the flame after him making sure not to0 fall down like him

suddenly as he had fallen she stepped into what seemed like thin air and fell on he head soon after

she crumbled into a heap of thudding head and what she thought to be insane girl

"now now little girl" said a familier voice "why did you go and do that? don't you know my Dimension is upside down compared to all the others?"

"Zand?" she asked

"that's me!" he said "now since you've seen our dimension I think the rules say you have to become a die jumper too and let me warn you the die isn't just short for diemension"

end part 1/3

Authors note: this story started out as making a character for my friend but now it seems to have changed into somthing else entierly ... let's see where it goes ;)

pronounciation guide: Zand:like sand except replace the s with Z

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