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Welcome to The House at Blues Cornersmiley - smileysince you are here I guess you are curious about BluesSlider, if not, please feel free to leave at any time.

I can't remember now why I typed Hitchhikers Guide in the search on my browser but I was inexorably drawn to the H2G2 entry. From there I was one small e-mail address from joining my first (and to date only) on-line community. I took the plunge and here I amsmiley - smiley.

Since arriving I have met a number of interesting lifeforms, eaten a lot of doughnuts at Joanna's doughnut stall and drunk a lot of beer in the Forum and Firkin. I even found time to write a short article on soup. In general, I'm having a good time and I hope you do too, but be warned, H2G2 is many posts, so little time.

I've joined The H2G2 Vegetarian Society as well. We'll have to see how that goes...

The Blues

If you're feeling lyrical why not contribute a verse or two to one of the growing catalogue of virtual blues songs:

The Virtual Blues
The Virtual Blues II
The Virtual Doughnut Blues
The Microsoft Blues
The Spilled Beer Blues
The Coffee Blues

For a truly great blues web site click here (Thanks to Ormondroyd ACE for the guitar and link)

For a truly great blues buddy go see my mate Morgan

Lost Researchers

Somehow I have ended up running The Battersea Researchers Home a charitable organisation for adopting lost researchers.

Still here, huh?

BluesSlider FAQ:

  • Why BluesSlider? - Everyone has to have a name.1
  • Where BluesSlider? - Hampshire UK.2
  • What BluesSlider? - Just zis guy, you know.
  • When BluesSlider? - 26 October 1961
  • Blues? - Yep, one of my favourite musical forms
  • Whisky? - Laphroaig for preference
  • That's enough about me. If you want to visit more interesting home pages....why not find out who's online?

    Just curious.

    1I could never master chords on the guitar and discovered that with a bottleneck and open tuning I could play Blues Slide guitar 2Originally Yorkshire, came south via Nottinghamshire

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