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Please, tell me what you think.

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Please tell me what you think of this guide entry. I know it needs a lot of improvments, so please tell me what I should change. smiley - smiley

Please, tell me what you think.

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Do you know of other uses for ice? What about natural ice? Dry ice? Icecycles, ice burgs, ice hocky, ice cream, ice packs? I'm just throwing out ideas here.

Please, tell me what you think.

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I enjoy the concept of ice/water as a metaphor. As an "icebreaker" (this is not a pun, we actually used the term) used for team building, I posited the question "If you were to be two hydrogen atoms locked in with an oxygen atom, would you prefer to be in the liquid, gas, or solid state?"
This was nice. Partly because it made people think, but mostly because it gave me the chance to say, "I'm always ice. I'm cooler than the other side of the pillow, and I make everything around me cooler."

Also, "freezing" as opposed to "chilling" is more scientifically acurate. That said, I'm from the other side of the pond so......................
Concerning the disadvantege, I, and many others, often prefer the effects of ice in a soda. While all out melting can be problematic, a slight dilution can be wuite pleasant...ergo fountain drinks, anything served on the rocks, shaken/stirred drinks.

I think ice is fantastic, but that is merely an opinion.

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