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can someone look at man entry for me

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ian the sweeper of skies and dream weaver

Hi,Ive written an entry A738957 which links to A739163 and A739091 can someone have a look to see if the way I,ve done it is ok? ie the use of links etc.I'm new to thissmiley - smileycheers ianmac.

can someone look at man entry for me

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

This is a great piece!

You've got all the facts and info together, and there's only a little bit of h2g2 writing style to be amended smiley - smiley

I know I'm running the risk of losing you if I start pointing out *all* the nitpicking points in one go, but I've also experienced that doing it one-by-one can put of a researcher because of the 'hey-why-didn't-you-tell-me-all-of-it' effect. But then, you've asked for it smiley - smiley

- Entries for the Edited Guide are written in third person (apart from very few exceptions like 'my experience with cancer' or similar subjects. Hence, you ought to change all the 'I's and 'my's into some neutral voice.

- You've managed to get to grips with GuideML very well smiley - ok but you're somewhat overdoing it (compared with the taste of the Editors, that is). No uppercase please, and emphasis is usually expressed by italic typesetting only, although this is IMHO somewhat hard to read. Tip: there's a '' tag where your title ought to go in, and you don't need the 'INTRODUCTION' header.

- please add spaces after commas and periods.

- You could add the other entries as footnotes or chapters right here because (a) the info would be in one place, and (b) entries in the Edited Guide only link to *other* edited entries.

smiley - popcorn

That's about it, and you're ready for Peer Review (see the banner on top of every page) smiley - ok

As to the contents: I know there's the big danger of spoiling the food if you manage to inadvertantly open the bladder (or even worse, the gall bladder smiley - yikes ) of the animal. Perhaps worth a warning note smiley - winkeye

can someone look at man entry for me

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ian the sweeper of skies and dream weaver

Hello sorry to bother you again ,but if you get a chance could you take another quick look,I've carried out I think,what you suggested.
cheers ianmacsmiley - smiley

can someone look at man entry for me

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

No problem!

You could insert a link to A583283 Rabbits and, as far as I can see, there's only a couple of typos left to kill smiley - smiley

The first sentence looks somewhat quirky or perhaps has too many commas -- I don't know precisely what you're saying there.

lets --> let's
...can be messy You can... --> ...can be messy, you...
untill --> until [two occurrences]
Put your 2left hand --> [insert a space after footnotes]
from the rabbits insides --> from the rabbit's insides
discarded leaving, two rear legs --> discarded, leaving two rear legs

Finished smiley - smiley

I'd say, ready for Peer Review (PR) and for the harder part of it all: waiting! There's a one week minimum time that entries must have stayed in PR before a Scout is able to pick it. But mind you, that's by far not the maximum time, given the fact that there are so many entries around there.

smiley - cheers and bon appetite!

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