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How many of us read the h2g2 Front Page? Answer that one honestly.
Every day?
I do, I like to see what new articles have made it into the Guide.
I like to see what is currently recommended. I like to see which forums
are currently the busiest, and what people are talking about.

But the front page has another major purpose. It's where h2g2 can talk
to us, it's researchers. It's their first point of contact with us, to
let us know what's happening. Often we find out things and write about
them here in the Post but that is no reason to just go straight to
our own homepages when logging on.

I almost missed something this week, something important. And that
something is something pretty important. So for all of you out there
here it is...

We're going to be performing a major upgrade of the h2g2 servers on
Wednesday 7 June, starting at 11am BST. We hope the upgrade will take
no more than two hours, but during that time the site will be

We apologise for the inconvenience, but the results will be well worth
waiting for. Watch this space for more details.

A major upgrade? What could they possibly be doing? Well, we think that we
know. A couple of weeks ago we told you of the new coding that was being
tested, that would really change the way h2g2 was produced. Well, the testing
is almost complete and we think that they will be implementing it. Will
we be able to see any difference in h2g2? We'll have to wait and see.


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