A Conversation for 1984 by George Orwell

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the main plot is not one of realization that the communist way is the way to go, so to speak, but that the sheer power and rule of the 1984-totalitarian system is unescapable. winston, subconsciously, knows this, "we are the dead", knowing that if he went against the party his fate is sealed. orwell's use of this dystopian technique is to illustrate the horrors and inhumanity of such an overbearing regime, where life must be vigilantly scrutinized to see that our lives do not become like winston's.
little known fact: orwell was a socialist, yet 1984 was a polemic against the totalitarian regimes of the time

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The Independent Customer who has the whole world at his feet, yet decides not to kick it

Littler known fact about the little known fact :- Orwell was a socialist in his younger years, he went to Spain to side the left resistance in the Civil war. But, after the war, he found himself disiluusioned with the extreme left. He became bitterly opposed to the leftist policies. His genius could predict where the world was heading to given the fact that communism was establishing in powerful pockets of the world. This made him write 1984.

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I believe he still supported socialism yet '84 was a warning that how it could get out of had, so I agree with you.

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