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Don't know much about history,

Don't know much biology.

Don't know much about a science book,

Don't know much about the French I took.

If some of the quoted text is true for you, don't worry, help is at hand: there are currently more than 9,000 Edited Entries in the guide, and the number is growing. Why don't you pop over to the Entry of the Month and get some inspiration form Mu Beta's shortlist of new entries? Or you could browse the Unofficial Front Page Archive and dig up some great gems there? Want to brush up your French, German, or Spanish? The h2g2 Language Thing is just a mouseclick away. Failing that, there are the h2g2 Post Archives, a veritable treasure trove if you care to take the time browsing them.

Speaking of which: have you ever gone to the Back Issue Pages? I have to admit that ever since I started writing for the Post, and later on, when I became a team member, I thought these pages were just there for reference, that is: to give me the number of the A-page for the next Post issue to put at the bottom of each article. Imagine my surprise when the last time I looked, there was a brief summary added to each Back Issue, making for an excellent read in itself. Bummer! So if you have missed an issue or are new to the Post or have only found 'empty' Back Issue pages for quite a while - do yourself a favour and have a read through them now. Skankyrich has done a brilliant job at bringing them (nearly) all up-to-date, and they're really, really worth reading!

And what's going on elsewhere on hootoo? I have to admit that I'm a bit out of the loop at present. I don't know where my time goes, these days, I hardly ever venture farther than to the Post pages, my friends' and my own journals, and occasionally Peer Review.
Since I returned my last subbed entry to the eds I haven't even asked for new ones: partly because I knew I'd be busy with the Post this weekend, and partly because I was afraid I'd get another entry that requires lots of subbing - which, as such, wouldn't be a problem, but I'll be going to London this weekend, and I usually spend the last few days before I leave panicking because

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it

about the h2g2 London Spring Meet - not really the right state of mind for something important like sub-editing.

But hey, if you have come across something worth sharing, why don't you write it down and submit it to the Post? The 'Magnificent Seven1' at the Post office are looking forward to 'hearing'2 from you.

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24.04.08 Front Page

Back Issue Page

1Well, we are seven team members, and it just takes too long to name all.2Or rather, reading.

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